Black Logic VPN

Black Logic specializes in security consulting in the IT and VPN area and the management of servers. The VPN offer was thereby divided by prices and services. Here, the most expensive package is 55 U.S. dollars a month while you can already be booked from 8 dollars the cheapest.

Information about the IP addresses that are available and the number of servers made by Black Logic no information. Itself to repeated requests, there was no response to these points.

ProviderLogs are not guided by the company that it is completely dedicated to data protection and the protection of privacy. Thus, no information is collected. As regards the duration of stay and time of a user on the Internet. The activities that were exercised and the pages are not stored anywhere. At Black Logic as the user remains completely anonymous. Security logs are known for safety reasons by the provider but reserved, so that in case of misuse or illegal activity may be a message to the authorities.

At Black Logic, there is absolutely no way to pay anonymously, there is only the choice between Western Union, Credit Card and Paypal. Thus, it should be resorted to Paypal, if you want to prevent that credit card information is stored by the company. Blacklogic is prefered by many people who need a VPN in portuguese speaking countries.

Block Logic does not throttle the speed of the Internet and the volume of data is limitless. Therefore, the connection speed is entirely dependent on the distance from the server and an Internet connection.