Ipvanish has no logging policy now!

Center high reputation among ıpvanish VPN providers in the US. Essentially, the direction in which the company claims they are the only company with more than 100 servers from the VPN provider that offers first-class service. With servers in 60 countries, the company’s IP is available in more than 14 thousand.

ıpvanish unwanted products viewed your identity on the Internet, is marketed as a security product that protects surveillance and other threats. Furthermore, depending on the port to restricted content you will easily access through this service.

How It Works

ıpvanish encrypt your internet traffic is secured by tunneling through a server in a secure way. Change your IP address, which is connected to the internet means that you are hiding from. Therefore your online privacy can be ensured.

Virtual Private Network [The Virtual Private Netw (VPN)] in order to use has to have the client software you install and run on your device. You can choose from hundreds of choices from which server to connect to. After the connection is established, everything you do will seem as if it is being done on the internet from the server.


ıpvanish 128-bit PPTP, L2TP uses 256-bit and 256-bit encryption OpenVPN protocols. That product does everything to ensure you utmost safety. Moreover, user anonymity is shared with dynamic IP even more secured, in this case your ISP does not know what you’re doing even.

ıpvanish recently went to change in the principles for handling user registration. No longer belong to the user data is not saved. In fact, even if the company does not keep track of users when they are connected to the server. This makes them one of the VPN service provides the most comprehensive market anonymity. Unlike other big players like HidemyAss.


ıpvanish There are servers in many countries. These are: Costa Rica, Latvia, Argentina, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Egypt, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Iceland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Israel, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Bulgaria, Norway, Switzerland, Indonesia, Germany, France, China, Australia, India, Thailand, Luxembourg, Poland, Canada, Malta, Brazil, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Finland, Panama, New Zealand and Croatia.

Fees and Payment Methods

Like other VPN services ıpvanish both have different fees for contracts in various directions while. How long until you get the service you get it cheaply. A monthly membership $ 10, quarterly total $ 26.99 ($ ​​8.99 monthly), while seneleik plan $ 77.99 ($ ​​6.49 monthly).

As for the payment method, a credit card, you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. At the same time, the company is the only one e-mail address and you also do not want anything other than a password, it’s also the option to pay with Bitcoin. So you can be completely anonymous when you make payment, which means more security.

Technically, although the free trial version of something like 7-day money back guarantee service if not satisfied thanks to the first 7 days of experimenting, you can request a refund.


long as it supports VPN, ipvanish offers excellent support and compatibility for a variety of devices and operating systems. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Chrome and many more supported router. The existence of some cryptographic protocols will not work on some devices does not mean anything.

Explanations related to the installation of the VPN client compatible devices and operating systems can be found here: https://www.ipvanish.com/vpn-setup/

Customer Support

ıpvanish live chat feature tracking number of problems with query support, providing support with 7/24 and other user-created forum with the participation of both the technical team. However, the live chat is only open during business hours US, so there may be delays outside these hours.

Which purpose of the technical assistance team was knowledgeable and helpful if you have questions directed at them. You can also see their own experience of other users in the forum. Extra support guidelines and often contain guidance related to the solution of the problems encountered is served in the main site.