The Best 5 VPN Providers for Linux

Moving up in the Operating Systems world, Linux has and still is fast becoming an extremely popular operating system. Having been developed significantly over the last several years, Linux offers more flexibility and configuration options for users, granting them greater control. Look here you are searching for a Linux Corporate VPN.

Here are the best 5 VPNs for Linux operating system:

This VPN has impressive speeds, and software which can be used for any device, in this case Linux At $8.32 per month, this provider might not be the cheapest on the market, its high quality surely makes up for it. The provider boasts of hundreds of IPs in over 33 countries, not to mention its 24/7 customer service.

For $7.00 a month, Mullvad, which is a small company based in Sweden, provides the user with an innovative VPN that stands up for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and the right to use and access information confidentially.

Private Internet Access TM
This is a US based VPN that prides itself in its ability to offer a very high level of guaranteed anonymity to its customers. Significant privacy settings combined with quick connection speeds, a simple but very easy to use VPN client, and competitive pricing, this VPN is counted among the top 5 VPNs for Linux.

While the most expensive among the top 5 VPNs, TopGuard uses bittorrent in order to ensure privacy and anonymity for its customers. This is yet another provider that prides itself in its privacy settings and applications, for example, the provider does not keep logs of users activities on the internet.

At number 5, AirVPN is a relatively new company, founded on the basis that has a high emphasis on privacy, that also offers a number of features not found elsewhere.

But just using a VPN doesnt make you anonymous on the internet. Look at these anonymizing tutorials to protect your online privacy.