The Best 5 VPN Providers for Windows

Most business owners wonder whether a VPN is essential for their company or not. The truth is, it is indeed mandatory for a business to invest in VPN. A Virtual Private Network helps people to securely surf through the internet and securely share highly classified information. It works by sending encrypted messages through the network, preventing unauthorized access to the information.

To get VPN, one must locate a suitable provider. There are both free and paid VPN services. Some people think that a paid VPN service offers more security than a free VPN service. However, this is entirely opinionated because it all depends on the amount of security needed and quality of the service. Whether paid or not, one ought to research widely in order to find the best VPN service provider. Check this site if you are looking for free vpn services and proxies.

Several factors such as price, quality and areas covered must be considered before settling on a VPN provider. Additionally, the supported operating system must be considered. Windows is one of the pioneer operating systems. Consequently, there are numerous VPN providers for Windows OS. If you need a very quick vpn service for filesharing look at this site.

Out of these, 5 are rated to be among the best.

PureVPN was mainly started to get rid of data loss experienced by many companies. Additionally, it began in order to offer clients a secure private network. Currently, it has over 50 servers in 18 different countries. There are three main packages one can choose from depending on the budget and preference.

Switch VPN was started in 2010. Being a newbie in the business yet, operating in 17 countries shows that it is indeed a very trusted and authentic VPN provider. There is a 7 days money-back guarantee, allowing users to test the service.

Operating in 6 different countries with more than 13 protected servers, Kepard offers 3 main packages. There is no download limit and the encryption depends on the protocol in use.

Sh3lls VPN has three main packages. The package picked is dependent on the contract period, price and protocol.

Operating for over 12 years now, Free2Surf VPN offers services for both private and business customers.